Crisis of Idealism: A Space Opera

The World is destroy. Nearly a thousand years later a sinister plot that could destroy all faith in a transcendental power is revealed. Will Good prevail, or will Evil gain power?

Monday, November 29, 2004

That was intense

Final word count: 50,533.
Thats right sucks! You're looking at my official novel, in its ugly, ugly first draft format. I've already run through the first ten chapters to clean up grammer and its gained 200 words. Weird.
At any rate, It was a long arduous journey, but here I am at the opposite end, one of the proud winners of the NaNoWriMo contest, 2004.
Its a pile of crap in its current form, but once I go through it, add in the climactic battle that I didn't write, actually write the subplot that deals with the romance between Jonathan and Marcelle and flesh out some of the philosophy, explain it a little better and clean up all the theological stuff I got into there just before the climax, well, it might look a bit better.
It also might be half again as long as it already is... but oh well. If I can make it better, thats good. If I can't, oh well... It took me a month to write. honestly, its no huge loss. As an excercise to learn how to pump out a lot material quick, it was good.


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